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Finally, a fast and proven way to get paid for your good writing skills…

"Are You Ready to Turn Your Love of Writing into a Profitable Business?”

Website owners and bloggers are looking for YOU!

Get your writing business up and running now… You’re only minutes away from finding out how.

If you’re the kind of person that has always enjoyed writing – from journals to letters to business documents – and you’re looking for the right “work from home” business to start NOW, today is your lucky day.

Just about every viable small or large company has a presence online. And guess what? They need an awful lot of written content to keep their websites fresh and to sell their products and services.

Not only do businesses need written content for websites, but business owners need writers to create copy for their brochures, products and even books that they want produced to promote their services and high profile owners.

The person that fills the bill for businesses who need these kinds of services is called a Ghostwriter. Repeat that phrase again and in your mind visualize that phrase with dollar signs around it because in today’s market place.

$$Ghostwriters$$ are in HIGH DEMAND!

Here’s the really good news…

Even though there is competition in this strong sector of the marketplace there are MILLIONS of people around the world getting into business online every week and most of those businesses NEED WRITERS.

With our e-guide Get Paid to Write you’ll

Learn How to Find the Market You Love and
Be the Leading Ghostwriter in Your Niche

Does that sound good to you? So many people get into a business where there is no market interest and ultimately no income. You’re about to create a business that will start generating income for you FAST!

Here’s what you’ll learn from this e-guide:

  • 6 areas and industries that hire ghostwriters.

  • How to charge the right amount to make a profit.

  • What steps to take to break into ghostwriting.

  • 10 traits to determine if you have the right personality to become a good ghostwriter.

  • Ideas and resources to help you determine what type of writing you do best.

  • Outlined instructions to get your business started correctly.

  • Why a portfolio is important and how to create one.

  • Ideas to help your business stand out from the crowd.

  • 10 ways to help you market your business – many of them for free.

  • Information to help you plan your business growth and expansion.

  • 10 tips to make your business successful – including mistakes to avoid.

  • Where to find writing resources.

You’ll also get a Checklist to help you set up your business and 17 bonus articles focused on building your ghostwriting business

PLUS, with EVERY Just Add Sweat Business Guide you will receive Resources, Training Information and tons of Business Success Support PLUS an exclusive and comprehensive audio SweatStory from a real person who is succeeding RIGHT NOW in her own ghostwriting business.

Get immediate access for only $4.79 - and download on Kindle or your computer to read today.

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Are you still not sure about spending $5 on your future? Here’s a bit of information to mull over…

Your Just Add Sweat ™Get Paid to Write e-guide
Will Pay for Itself…FAST

New Ghostwriters (those writing e-books, articles and website content) generally charge between $15 and $25 per hour, depending on their experience and the market they target. Let’s do some math.

Here’s the scenario:

You purchase our resource and study the great marketing ideas explained in pages of your e-guide and on our audio visual materials. You set up your website and do all the preparations to ensure you have a presentable presence online (this is all explained in your guide). You decide to start off by participating in discussions on small business forums. One of the participants in the forum you choose sees your helpful comments and your post “signature” which includes a link to your writing business website.

That small business owner decides to contact you and the two of you agree that you’re ideally suited to write a 10-page e-book the client needs to have completed in a week. It takes you 5 hours to research and write this e-book. If your starting rate is $15/hr that’s $75 you’ve just earned with your first client.

Deduct the cost of our e-guide and that’s $70.21 in your pocket that you didn’t have before. Your Get Paid to Write e-guide paid for itself!

That scenario just needs a good writer (you) and a commitment to follow through on marketing and promotion ideas for your business that are included in our e-guide.

Now get that calculator out and start multiplying these transactions by more clients…you’ll see the earning potential of this business very quickly.

But there’s more…we’re so certain of your satisfaction that

Your Just Add Sweat ™ Multi-Media Learning Package Comes
With the NO SWEAT 8 Week Guarantee!

Now there is really nothing stopping you from taking the first concrete step towards making your writing business a reality.

In these tough economic times, every dollar counts and I know you want to get the best bang for your buck whether it’s for family groceries, clothing or your business investment. This is one investment in you and your business that offers tremendous VALUE – the kind of value that actually saves you money.

Own a Guide to Business Success
That will actually SAVE You MONEY

Just Add Sweat™ has a reputation of not only providing quality products and services to women who want to work from home, but also offering tremendous VALUE in the materials we make available to every customer.

With your Get Paid to Write e-guide and audio visual material:

  • YOU’LL SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in seminar or tuition fees you might have paid to gain some understanding of how to start and run an effective writing business. Most colleges will charge $300 or more for a business course (that might not be all that relevant to what you want to do). Seminars and conferences for small business owners could cost you THOUSANDS of dollars just to share with you the kind of information in this e-guide.

  • This guide will save you TIME and time is MONEY. Every minute you spend not building your business you’re losing potential income. This guide will save you hours of research because we’ve collected all the best resources and put them in one place – your Get Paid to Write e-guide and audio-visual materials.

  • If you need INCOME now, this is the BUSINESS for you! One of the fastest ways to earn an income online is to offer a service. Online writing services are in big demand as bloggers, ecommerce companies and majority of businesses need constant, fresh content to make their websites sizzle! This e-guide will get you up and operating FAST.

  • TOP EARNERS: Some ghost writers hired to write books for speakers, business owners and celebrities get paid as much as $30,000! Your investment for the e-guide to show you how to start your business is less than $20. That’s a smart investment.

  • YOU’LL EARN BACK YOUR INVESTMENT IN NO TIME! The starting rate for many good ghost writers is $15-18/hour. You’ll recoup your investment after your first few hours of billing! That’s a smart investment.

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With Your Just Add Sweat™ Multi-media package of Audios and An e-guide, You’ll Learn Exactly the Steps to Take to Successfully Start a Ghostwriting Business and Get Paid To do It!

Remember with your package you'll receive:

  1. A Success SweatStory™ where we interview two ghostwriters who own successful, ghostwriting businesses.

  2. A Just Add Sweat™ E-guide filled with the tips and steps you'll follow to get started in your Review Blog Business.

  3. Exclusive online audios and videos that show you exactly what you will do to get started Today.

And, there's no waiting.
You'll have your e-guide available to you (in pdf format), delivered via email and web page immediately. Print it, draw all over it. That's what it's for.

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