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Finally, a FAST and PROVEN way to earn a full-time living using your typing skills!

Are You Ready To Launch the Home-Based Business That Will Bring You Full-time Income?

Your search is over – The General Transcription Business is In-demand and you’re About to Learn the Easy Steps to Take to Make This Business Your Own!

General transcription as a home business excites me and that's why I wanted to bring this great bundle of information to others.  I know how many Moms are out there longing to work from home full time yet feel inadequate to tackle most of the business options that they know of.  They worry that they don't have the skills or experience necessary.

I know that we've all seen hundreds if not thousands of baseless advertisements for work-at-home typing jobs - but trust me, that's not what you've found here!  I can show you a great way to make money at home and it's not by placing irritating ads all over the web.

This is One Business Where Customer Demand is Huge!

Do you realize that there is a large new demand for general transcribing services? Business owners and professionals who work with audio and video are out there seeking independent transcriptionists who can handle their projects on a regular basis. 

This presents an unusual opportunity for those who want to be their own boss and develop a home based income - yet lack a wide range of skills and experience.  Why is that?

If you can listen well and type with a minimum of errors - you can transcribe!

  • You don't need expensive equipment.
  • You don't need expensive software. (As a matter of fact I've got a tip for you on some free software that will help you transcribe digital files quickly!)
  • You don't need any specialized training.
  • You don't need to have a lot of other office skills.
  • You don't need to type 100 words per minute!

I want to Shout it from the Highest Roof Top: You Can do This! 

"I just finished going through your Transcription Starter Pack course and I'm impressed! You've done a great job of covering all the areas that one would need to start their own Transcription business and presented it in a way that is so simple to follow.

I loved that you included the sample teleseminar to practice with and the website templates are sure to come in handy but my favorite part is definitely the audios. They are wonderful and offer so many great tips and resources."


I’m so certain that you will be satisfied that your Just Add Sweat™ Become a Transcriptionist Starter Pack

Comes With the NO SWEAT 8 Week Guarantee!

Now there is really nothing stopping you from taking the first concrete step towards making your work at home business a reality.

In these tough economic times, every dollar counts and I know you want to get the best bang for your buck whether it’s for family groceries, clothing or your business investment. This is one investment in you and your business that offers tremendous VALUE – the kind of value that actually saves you money.

Own a Blueprint to Business Success
That will actually SAVE you MONEY

Just Add Sweat™ has a reputation of not only providing quality products and services to women who want to work from home, but also offering tremendous VALUE in the materials we make available to every customer.

With your Just Add Sweat™ Become a Transcriptionist Starter Pack:

  • YOU’LL SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in seminar or tuition fees you might have paid to gain some understanding of how to start and run a General Transcription Business. Most colleges will charge $300 or more for a business course (that might not be all that relevant to what you want to do). Seminars and conferences for small business owners and transcriptionists could cost you THOUSANDS of dollars just to share with you the kind of information in this resource.

  • This guide will save you TIME and time is MONEY. Every minute you spend not building your business you’re losing potential income. This guide will save you hours of research because we’ve collected all the best resources and put them in one place – the Just Add Sweat™ Become a Transcriptionist Starter Pack.

  • If you need INCOME now, this is the BUSINESS for you! One of the fastest ways to earn an income online is to offer a service. General transcription services are in big demand as website owners, bloggers, podcasters and other business owners need to have their audios and videos transcribed for customers and subscribers. This resource will get you up and operating FAST.

  • TOP EARNERS: Some ghost writers hired to write books for speakers, business owners and celebrities get paid as much as $30,000! Your investment for the e-guide to show you how to start your business is less than $20. That’s a smart investment.

  • YOU’LL EARN BACK YOUR INVESTMENT IN NO TIME! The starting rate for many transcriptionists is $25-$30/hour. Since the industry transcribing rate is about 1 hr. per 15 minutes of audio you’ll recoup your Starter Pack investment within your first few hours of billing! That’s a smart investment.

General Transcription offers anyone proficient with their computer keyboard with the opportunity to build a successful and profitable home based business - yet most people have lots of important questions and valid concerns. 

Get Answers To Your Urgent Questions!

Like any home business, you will need to know how to get set up with a professional business presence and how to connect with your clients.  That’s where the Transcription Starter Pack comes in - I'm answering all of these questions and more.

  • Who needs General Transcription Services?
  • Where can I connect with Paying Clients?
  • How do I Set My Prices?
  • What tips do you have to Grow My Practice?
  • How Can I Compete with other Transcribing Services?

I'm also connecting you with Insider Tips about all of the valuable tools you need to get your Transcribing Business going fast!

  • What Software do I absolutely have to have?
  • What kind of equipment is going to be important to me?
  • Are there any Free options available?


"The Transcription Starter Pack is wonderful! It is filled with great information that is easy to understand and follow. I was really impressed with both the eBook and the audio's that came with the
Starter Pack.

Not only did you walk us through the tools that will be needed but you provided us with links and generous resources!

I love that you cover how to Market the business as well. The entire resource is a great step-by-step guide that is valuable, easy to follow and I am sure many will use it and continue to refer back to it!  Thanks for providing such a complete course and making it all so easy to understand."

- Aurelia Williams, Real Life


"I highly recommend the Transcription Starter Pack. Nicole offers some great resources, advice and knowledge. I could of used this product several months ago when I started general transcribing.

The printable ebook will tell you how to go about starting your general transcription business from the ground up - from where to go to build your website to what you'll need and how to go about getting that first client.

I think Nicole has provided a valuable resource that is much needed!"

- Tishia Lee,

 Your Website is Your Storefront on the Internet - That’s Why Your Starter Pack Includes 8 Free Website Templates!

One of the things that I put a lot of emphasis on is the importance of having a professional website to represent your home based business.  You're running a new business that has very little start up requirements but that doesn't mean that you should go light in presenting the best front possible.  Your website is a client's first introduction to you and has a strong impact on their decision to give you a try.

  • Because this is so important to me - I've provided you with 8 quality website templates that you can use for free to develop your very own web presence. 

  • I've also provided specific advice on the sort of information that you must have included on your website in order to put potential client's minds at ease.

  • You'll also have access to a video tutorial teaching you how to download, unzip, and upload your website templates into FrontPage 2003.

"This is an awesome course. I have thought about getting into transcription and starting my own business, but with no experience I didn't think it could really happen.

After reviewing this course, I now believe I can do it!

Nicole presents the information in a simple straightforward way that tells you what to expect and need etc. The information provided is derived from real experiences and research, not a bunch of hype someone threw together so they could sell the product for a huge amount of money.

She also offers some tools to help you on the way, which you don't often see with other courses. Half your battle is practically gone already. All you need to do is take what she gives you and make it your own. I don't think you could ask for much more.

The price for all this is even better. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about getting into transcription and starting your own business doing it, to purchase this product. It's well worth the money."

- Wendy Johnson

Practice Audios Included!

We've included 3 Mp3 audio files for you to use as a practice tools so that you can experience what it's like to transcribe a busy multi-voice telephone call, podcast, and internet talk radio show - before you are faced with doing it for a client!

You'll be able to:

  • Experience multiple voices talking almost at once.
  • Develop your skill for putting together transcripts.
  • Get comfortable with transcribing software.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

One major reason to take the time to run through a sample audio like this is to find out how quickly you are personally able to transcribe an hour of audio.  This will be valuable to you when it comes to setting your prices.

Bonus ---> I've also included a sample video tutorial to practice transcribing! Should you decide to offer this type of transcription service (transcribing video) it'll be good to have practiced and honed your craft.

And speaking of prices... I've included some great tips on developing a pricing strategy as well.  It's all in the course!

"Having a choice of content delivery was wonderful. I listened to the audio and then used the e-book as a reference. Information was presented in a clear, organized manner. The URLs provided throughout the e-book were conveniently listed all together at the end of the book on a resource page.

One of the most important benefits I received from the course is the belief that I could be a general transcriptionist. It is not necessary to type 80 to 100 words per minute, inexpensive software is available to slow down a speaker's voice, tutorials are available to help increase typing speed and accuracy, no special equipment is required, and there will be times when a word or words are inaudible--don't sweat it."

- Tracy Musgrove


Are You Ready To Get Started?

If you are ready to get started on the road to your own General Transcribing business, I am excited for you.  It really is a fantastic time to be getting started in this field.  The Transcription Starter Pack is ready for instant download so grab your exclusive access today!

Yes! I Want To Learn About Starting
My Own General Transcription Business!

I understand this pack includes:

  • 1 Hour Recorded Audio Outlining How To Start & Grow a General Transcription Business 

  • Interview with a Successful General Transcriber

  • Printable eBook

  • Software & Hardware Resource List

  • 8 Customizable Website Templates

  • Video Tutorial: Walks You Through Setting Up Your Website Template In FrontPage 2003

  • Sample Teleseminar for Honing Your Craft

  • Sample Podcast for Honing Your Craft

  • Sample Internet Talk Radio Show for Honing Your Craft

  • Sample Video Tutorial for Honing Your Craft

-----> Bonus Special Reports:

  • Website Check Up for Service Providers
  • Newsletters for Service Providers
  • How to Market Your Service Business

Get immediate access for only $4.79 - and download on Kindle or your computer to read today.

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If you're hesitating at all right now, is it because you're afraid you won't be able to do this? Let me tell you, I included a special audio interview in the pack just for you. 

I'll Introduce You To Someone Just Like You Who's Doing It!

I interviewed a single mom who has built up a regular side income by providing her general transcription services to podcasters and teleseminar hosts.  You'll hear her experiences and get some tips to apply to your own business.

Most importantly, you'll see that she had ZERO prior experience - no one is more surprised about her success than she is but she sure enjoys the additional income that it provides.

If she can do it - you can too!

P.S. Don't confuse General Transcription with Medical Transcription.  A Medical Transcriptionist has to go through intensive training, have high typing speed and understanding of complicated terminology.  General Transcription on the other hand is within easy reach of anyone with decent typing skills, personal determination and some 'insider know how'.  You bring the first two and the Transcription Start Pack will provide the rest!

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