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Get In The Best Shape You've Ever Been In Your Life!

Did you know: The fitness industry makes $17.6 billion a year, and the diet/weight loss industry makes $40 billion a year?

That's a pretty large pie, if I ever saw one. So if you're looking for a niche and you're interested in health, fitness or weight loss, then this is the niche for you!

You don't have to be a certified exercise trainer, doctor, nutritionist or weight loss coach, either.

As long as you're passionately interested in these topics, and are willing to be an honest, trustworthy voice in the market, then fitness blogging could be your ticket to Internet profits.

In fact, ordinary Joe's and Jane's who are seeking a healthy lifestyle are totally rocking this market right now.

If you are:

  • passionate about health and fitness
  • committed to posting regularly to a blog
  • enjoy writing, or at least are willing to learn
  • chatty and/or creative
  • someone who loves to connect with other people who have similar interests
  • a dreamer with a small or no budget

... then you're the ideal person for Fitness Blogging!

It's Easy With This Step-By-Step Guide

If you know enough about the computer to read and send emails, then you know enough to start your very own fitness blog.

Get your copy of Start a Fitness Blog: Make Money While Getting Fit -- For Life, and you'll learn everything you need to know to start making money with your very own fitness blog.

You'll find out how to:

  • set up a blog - or where to get a blog set up for you
  • zero in on a tight and focused -- yet profitable -- micro-niche within the fitness and health market
  • get crystal clear on what type of reader you're blogging for
  • harness your competition to build a better, more successful blog
  • find content for your blog, even if you hate writing
  • create blog posts that your readers will find useful, informative, and worthy of being shared with their family and friends
  • make money with your fitness blog, even if you don't have your own product to sell
  • connect with your readers by sharing your very own fitness and health journey
  • get a steady stream of traffic (aka readers) to your blog
  • treat your blog as a money-making business, rather than money-sucking hobby
  • start building your list of readers who are interested in what you have to say
  • convert your readers into buyers, either for your own products or for those you're an affiliate of
  • how to use social media -- your blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube -- to grow your loyal followers, without spending hours at the computer every day
  • clever tips and tricks to make your blog rank high in Google and other search engines
  • how to get your readers to know, like and trust you

Remember... With EVERY JustAddSweat Business Guide, you will receive Resources, Training Information and tons of Business Success Support!

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How To Lose Weight, Firm Up And Make Money At The Same Time

This is the only blogging niche where you actually build health along with wealth.

Other bloggers are getting "computer butt" by sitting in front of their computers all day.

But not you.

Your blog will actually make it necessary for you to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and stay motivated if you ever fall off your fitness regimen.

We know, because we've been there.

I'm Nicole Dean, the "mostly" sane marketer. Since I started marketing online in 2004, I've seen my income grow... and my bottom grow right along with it!

That's how I came up with the term "computer butt." I knew something had to give.

I needed to take better care of myself. After all, I'm my number one business asset!

So I went on a month-long fitness journey and challenged my readers to join me. After a few weeks, I lost weight.

But as a surprising side benefit, I made a few hundred dollars extra -- just by pursuing my own health. It was so simple, I could barely believe it.

I'll show you how I did it in this report (with the exact blog posts I published at that time).

And my co-author in this guide is Scott Tousignant.

Scott is a husband and father of two young children. He's a fitness expert and a certified trainer who used to own a gym. But after a failed business, Scott sank into mild depression and gained 35 pounds. Yikes! Talk about losing your credibility as a fitness professional.

Scott's lowest point became a his turning point. He decided he needed to get back on track in terms of his health. He blogged about it. Before he knew it, he had an audience of thousands hooked on him.

What's more, by being completely honest and transparent, Scott earned his audience's trust. He discovered the best way to sell more of his programs and make more affiliate sales -- without being salesy. His approach allows him to convert 13% of his traffic into buyers, when other marketers were converting at a mere 2-4%.

Scott shares his step-by-step approach to engaging with your audience, earning their trust, and selling more without selling in this guide.

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Fitness Blogging = Health + Wealth

Are you ready to take your passion for health and fitness and turn it into your very own profitable Internet business?

Then order the Fitness Blog Guide today.


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You'll get:

1. A Just Add Sweat E-guide with step-by-step instructions you can follow to set up, maintain, and make money from your own Fitness Blog

2. Exclusive online audios and videos on what you need to do to get started today

Begin Today

As soon as Amazon processes your order, you will be able to start reading this guide.

No other web business takes care of your Health as well as your Wealth. Start a fitness blog today.


Nicole Dean

PS: Fitness blogging is fun and healthy for your body and wallet. If you're interested enough in health and fitness to write about it at least every week or so, then this is an excellent web business for you. Get your guide to get started right now.

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